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Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and Alicia Keys for Glamour Magazine October 2011

Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and Alicia Keys cover the October 2011 issue of Glamour magazine, talk charitable new project, breast cancer awareness, family and upcoming projects. Read on.

Jennifer, Demi and Alicia each directed a short film for a series entitled Five for Lifetime, which includes a number of stories about women whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer. Among the actresses who star in the series are Patricia Clarkson, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Rosario Dawson.

Jennifer Aniston

On bringing the Five project to life…
"We were intrigued by the challenge of creating short stories that would defy audiences’ expectation of the subject. We wanted to balance the drama with humor and irreverence because that’s what’s helped our friends who’ve faced this get through their treatment. We wanted stories that were informative without being heavy-handed. Oh, and they needed to be brilliantly written."

On what she looks for in a relationship…
“I would say I couldn’t be in a relationship without equality, generosity, integrity, spirit, kindness and humor. And awesomeness.”

On not believing what you read in the tabloids…
“There’s not nearly as much stealing and obsessing and middle-of-the-night secret calls to ex-boyfriends and scheming and cheating [as they lead you to believe]. Most of it’s just bull–t, however entertaining.”

Demi Moore

On why she wanted to get involved in the project: "I’ve known people affected by breast cancer, and since I finished the project, someone in our family has also been diagnosed. But I think that so often there is that “out of sight, out of mind” feeling, like breast cancer is happening to other people, not you. Before this project came up, even I really didn’t want to pay attention. I feel that this came to me to make me pay attention."

On the power of Twitter: "I saw Twitter as this opportunity to connect with people and actually show a side of myself that is much lighter. And all of a sudden people were getting to know me, and I was connecting with people. At its core, Twitter is about sharing, and I think that in life we never feel better or more energized than when we’re giving to someone else."

On what she gets giddy about: I’m an old-school romantic, so I get giddy when Ashton shows me another way of saying ‘I love you’—any little thought or gesture that’s playful or sweet. We leave Post-it notes for each other; some have been sticking up for five or six years! For me, it’s the small things."

Alicia Keys:

On why she wanted to be part of the project: "After I read the scripts, I felt like this was something important, and I wanted to be a part of it. I had an immediate idea of what I could bring to it. People very close to me in my family have had [breast cancer] and it’s scary and it’s hard."

On the moment she fell in love with her husband: "I do remember the exact moment. If I told you, I would have to kill you, but it was something that he planned, and he planned it so beautifully and thoughtfully that in that moment I remember thinking to myself, Oh my God, I’m so in love with him."

On the breakthrough moment she had while in Egypt (which inspired the name of her son): "It was a time of transition. There were certain people [I was working with] who weren’t right. I had friends who weren’t right anymore. I was tired and I had overworked myself and burnt myself out. So I went to Egypt by myself. When I saw what was built there, it made me understand how powerful we are, that we can create anything. And I felt like I needed to create things that were timeless too."

You can read more here.

Courtesy of Glamour

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