Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rihanna For Glamour Magazine September 2011

Rihanna covers Glamour magazine, September 2011. Scroll down for more photos, interview excerpts and video: 

 Dolce & Gabbana top and pants

On drama and perfection: “I hate drama. But at the same time, nothing bothers me more than when life’s perfect. And that’s the sick part. I just love a challenge, whether it’s a relationship, my career, clothing…”

On her attention-getting fashion choices: “Getting dressed, I want to pick the most bizarre pair of shorts so I can figure out how to make it look right, or work an outfit that will make people go, “What the hell is she wearing?”

On dealing with the messiness of life: “I think honesty is the ultimate liberation in life. People want to shy away from the truth and keep sweeping it under the rug. But after a while, you pick up the rug and there’s just way too much dirt, so you might as well just be up front about it.”

On being the pressures of being a role model: “In the beginning of my career, it was really strict for me. I couldn’t wear pink or red lipstick; it was just bizarre. We had a young fan base, and they were trying to keep me fresh. But I just really wanted to be myself. I wanted to be sassy, the attitude, all these things that I am.”

On wanting to be a role model: “I want to set the right example and, at the same time, live my life….I feel like pop stars can’t be rock stars anymore because they have to be role models, and it takes the fun out of it for us, because we just want to have fun with art.”

On being dominated in the bedroom: “I play a very dominant role in my life, in every aspect of it. And I like to feel like a lady still, at some point. I feel like that’s the time when a guy really gets to be a man, and I get to be a woman. And if I’m being a man in the bedroom too, there’s nothing really in it for me.”

On her fellow female singers: “There’s a pack. It’s me, Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyoncé…who else? Ke$ha, for sure. Women are definitely dominating music right now, and that’s because we are competitive beings. I feel like music hasn’t been this exciting in a while.”

On her friendship with Katy Perry: “All my friends are guys, to be completely honest. But when I met her, it was such a breath of fresh air. I just couldn’t believe this chick had no edit button…. Katy and Lady Gaga came out of the gate exactly the way they think, the way they wanna dress, the way they wanna speak.”

Dress, Marc Jacobs; crystal and pearl bracelet, Stephen Russell; bangles, Rihanna’s own; shoes, Christian Louboutin.

Dress, Vionnet;
Rihanna's own; shoes, Christian Louboutin.

Coat, jumpsuit, Yves Saint Laurent; clutch, Tom Ford
crystal and diamond bracelet, Stephen Russell; belt, Gucci.

Courtesy of Glamour Magazine


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