Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bruno Mars For Billboard Magazine July 2011

Bruno Mars covers the new issue of Billboard Magazine which celebrates 50 years of Billboard's Adult Contemporary Chart. Scroll down for interview excerpts and photos.


On his success: “It’s a rare thing that happens especially in this day, where it’s real hard to sell albums. I’m traveling to places that I’ve never even heard of and there are all these people singing the songs back — and English is not even their first language.
On being signed then dropped by Motown: “I wasn’t ready for it. I did nothing. And the lesson was — why are you waiting for someone to come and write a song with you? You know how to play the freakin’ guitar. Do it on your own.”

On putting his dreams on hold to write for others: “Working and interacting with other artists and being so involved with the business aspect; understanding A&R, understanding radio, understanding music videos meant that when it came to my time, I’d seen how it goes.”

On experiencing rejection: “There was a lot of rejection. A lot of other labels saying, ‘You don’t know who you are. You’re doing all this reggae, R&B, rock stuff. How do we market that? Are you pop? Are you urban?’ Elektra gave me a shot and trusted my vision.”

On doing a fashion line: “When people fall is when they’re like, ‘OK. Now I’m here, what’s next? A clothing line?’ That’s not what I’m trying to do. It’s like, ‘Don’t be a slut. Remember your dream. Do your music and keep it special.’

On his upcoming projects: “I’m itching to get back into the studio and fantasizing about doing a side project. I’m such a fan of how Jack White  and Danger Mouse  get down and put these bands together. I’d love to be the drummer in a band that I’m producing, and sit back there and have someone else sing. Whether I’m on [Watch The Throne] or not I’m pretty sure it’s going to be awesome.

On his dream collaborations: “I’m just a mixed-up dude. I want to work with the Kanyes, the Jay-Zs… a Rihanna, a Gaga, Kings of Leon, Mumford & Sons. I want to do all those things. As proud as I am of “Doo-Wops,” I feel like, ‘Oh, man. People haven’t seen nothing. They don’t even know what I’m about to do,’ and that’s what I can’t wait to show the world.”

Courtesy of Billboard

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