Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Joss Stone Is Back With New Single 'Somehow'

Joss Stone will return next month with a new album, called 'LP1', her first release since leaving EMI Records and going independent. The album is produced by and co-written with Dave Stewart from Eurythmics and is due out on July 26 (US & Rest of World) and August 1st (UK).

The first single taken from 'LP1' is called Somehow and it's one heck of a track where Joss Stone gets to flaunt her fantastic voice. Somehow is a bit more raw and edgier than many of Joss Stone's previous songs but that seems to fit the tone of her new album and I say this because, from the album preview that she offered a short while ago, it seems that she really let herself go on this album and used her voice to full potential. In other words, the girl sings her butt off (click here for the album preview video).

Here's what producer Dave Stewart had to say: "Joss can sing with the ferocity of a lioness and dynamically switch to the most delicate whisper in the same phrase. She is always honest and full of real emotion. It is an honor to work alongside a true artist who understands so much at such a young age."

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