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Designers And The Musicians Who Inspire Them - W Magazine July 2011: 'Behind The Muses'

W Magazine's July issue, themed 'Music & Style', offers a look at 10 designers and their muses: the musicians who inspire them the most, in the featured article 'Behind The Muses'. Here's 7 of them:

Florence Welch and Gucci's Frida Giannini 

“I was captivated by Florence's eccentric style and her willingness to dare,” says Frida Giannini, Gucci’s creative director, who designed Welch’s costumes for her current tour—and also took inspiration from her for the label’s fall 2011 collection. “She embodies the cinematic allure and seductive power that is its essence.”
On FlorenceWelch: Gucci silk chiffon gown, belt, and shoes. 
Frida Giannini wears her own Gucci clothes. 

Janelle Monae and Karl Lagerfeld 

Janelle Monae is known for her signature look: black and white tuxedos paired with a pompadour. “It’s transcendent—it never goes out of style,” she explains, adding that she prefers for the color to come out in her performance.
“We liked each other from the first second on,” says Karl Lagerfeld. “Not just because of our style, but also the name: Janelle rhymes with Chanel, no?”

On Janelle Monae: Chanel vintage black wool jacket and white silk blouse. 
Karl Lagerfeld wears his own clothes.

Donatella Versace and M.I.A. 

“Her music and style seemed so fresh and innovative,” recalls Donatella Versace, referring to M.I.A's hit Paper Planes, which caught her attention. “She is a total artist.”

On M.I.A: Atelier Versace silk satin dress with embroidered sequins and crystals. 
Donatella Versace wears Versace’s sequined dress and shoes

Kanye West and Rodarte

Rodarte designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy first met Kanye West at one of their runway shows a few years ago, but it was his performance at Coachella this past April that made a lasting impression on the sisters. “It’s one of the most incredible shows you’ll ever see,” says Kate (below, right). “I think it’s because he’s such a visual artist as well. That mixing of art forms and genres,” says Laura, “that’s something I respond to.”

On Kanye West: Rodarte gray cotton fleece wweatshirt and cotton t-shirt. 
Kate and Laura Mulleavy wear their own clothes.
 George Craig and Burberry's Christopher Bailey
“For me, George embodies the modern British look,” says Bailey, Burberry’s creative director, of the frontman of the British indie rock group One Night Only. Craig also fronted Burberry’s spring 2010 ad campaign, alongside actress Emma Watson, the 21-year-old heartthrob’s now ex-flame. When Craig and his bandmates first started playing together at age 12, they often performed Beatles covers, which helps explain his look: Chelsea boots, skinny silhouette, signature mop-top. “That whole era inspires my style,” says Craig, who is at work on the band’s third album. “I try to keep that vibe going.”

Yoko Ono and Proenza Schouler 

“We’re really attracted to independent spirits, people who don’t follow trends,” says Lazaro Hernandez (below, right), who designs Proenza Schouler with Jack McCollough. “Yoko pretty much personifies that. We’re really inspired by the way she looked in the Sixties and Seventies,” says Hernandez. “That long hair was pretty spectacular.”
On the other hand, Yoko Ono is no follower of fashion. “I don’t know what the term means,” she states. “I just pick what suits me.” 
On Yoko OnoProenza Schouler black wool jacket. 
Mccollough and Hernandez wear their own clothes

 Diplo and Alexander Wang

“What I do is super random,” confesses 32-year-old Wesley Pentz, better known as Diplo, the DJ and producer who fuses danceable beats with surprising samples. Even his stage a­ttire—sharp, modish three-piece suits—draws upon unexpected sources. “When I was in the UK, everybody from Jamaica wore waistcoats,” explains Diplo, who coproduces the Jamaican dancehall project called Major Lazer. “That kind of craziness is what I like about him,” says Wang, who made Diplo the frontman in ads for his T men’s wear line this past spring—a gig that has become a useful icebreaker for the single artist. “Before, I’d talk to girls about my music and they’d say, ‘Yeah, that’s cool,’” he says. “Now I tell them I’m in the Alex Wang ads, and they want to have my children.”
On Diplo: Alexander Wang jacket, cotton t-shirt and sweatpants. 
Alex Wang wears T by Alexander Wang cotton sweatshirt and shorts

By Karin Nelson and Fan Zhong
Photos by Max Vadukul 

Credit @ Max Vadukul/W Magazine


Wicked Halo said...

the Kanye Rodarte connection kind of seem like it came from nowhere lol, it's a coupling I just couldn't imagine!
Also, I went to a M.I.A. concert this weekend and Donatella wouldn't get through it alive for longer than 5 minutes, it was beyond insanity, I really don't think Donatella actually knows what the girl's essence is all about!

Smaranda said...

I'm with you on the Kanye/Rodarte association; can't speak for Donatella, but I can see her being attracted to the bold colors and outfits that M.I.A usually wears.

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