Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beyonce For Essence Magazine July 2011

Beyonce covers the July 2011 issue of Essence magazine. Check out the cowgirl-inspired photo shoot and interview excerpts.


On the rodeo: “It was like the biggest family picnic; there was laughter and music everywhere and everyone dressed in their Texas finest. I love watching all the people. We’d eat fried Snickers, funnel cakes, and fried turkey legs; the smell was the best mixture of spicy and sweet.

On her mother: “Tina Knowles was my first example of what a powerful woman is. She shaped my thinking not so much by what she said, but what she did. My mother taught me the principles of hard work, setting my own goals and visualizing my future.

On visiting the pyramids: “Egypt was the best. When I visited the pyramids, I had an experience I’ll never forget:I started singing “Ava Maria” inside the pyramid. The depth of the tomb was incredible. I’ve never heard acoustics so clear. My voice sounded so pure. It was inconceivable. I could have stayed in there forever.

On taking a break: “After the tour ended in Trinidad in late February, at last I focused on taking some time off. I had talked about taking a vacation before, but always ended up in the studio after two weeks. This time, though, I was serious. I was going to give myself a year to do all the things I never get to do. Simple things like play with my nephew, pick him up from school, visit museums, go to concerts, see some Broadway shows, learn to cook a meal and spend time with my husband.

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