Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bradley Cooper For GQ Australia June/July 2011

Bradley Cooper scores another cover shoot, this time for GQ Australia, June/July 2011 issue. Take a look at the photos below and read the interview excerpts.

On playing Eddie Morra in Limitless: “I think originally Heath Ledger wanted to do it. Then Shia LaBeouf was attached and then … well, I’m not quite sure, but the story goes he got Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and that was that … When I heard that he fell out I just pleaded my case so I could at least have the meeting with Neil Burger, who was attached to direct.”

On his amibitions: “I just keep it really simple. I just want to get better. It’s all about the filmmaker - and that’s it … I want to be an actor who gets to work with these wonderful people. That’s it.”

On keeping his personal life private: “I just don’t talk about my private life. I’ll never do it, no matter what's written about me. Some things you just have to keep to yourself. I’ll talk about my personal past, family, and other stuff, but when you bring in other people, I feel there’s no reason for it.”

Courtesy of GQ Australia

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