Sunday, April 10, 2011

Julianne Moore for InStyle UK May 2011

50-year-old Julianne Moore is interviewed by her pal, fashion icon Tom Ford in the May 2011 issue of InStyle UK. For the photo shoot, she wore Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and of course Tom Ford (on the cover). 

On her beauty secrets: "I say this to every young person I know. Stay out of the sun! I have very fair skin and it would have been super-damaged. I always wear sunscreen and I walk on the shady side of the street."

Moore is married to director Bart Frundlich and they have two children: Caleb, 13 and Liv Helen, 8.

On when she feels sexiest: "I think you need to be away from your children. Doing the mummy stuff does sort of squash that area of your life... I can feel that way when I'm alone with Bart or when we take a trip. But the day-to-day of picking up kids and going to the eye doctor and then dropping them off at basketball and then going to the middle school concert, that stuff doesn't make you feel very sexy! That was my day yesterday."

On fashion and her favorite decade: "I don't like Fifties clothes. I wear them in movies, or they appear on the runway, ladylike waists and all that. I'm like, "No!" I hate them on me, because I have no waist. I go straight up and down. So in my lifetime, I'd have to say the Seventies."

On her favorite comfort foods: "Dover sole and French fries. It’s really boring, but I'll be in hotels where I'll eat that every night. And ice cream."

On some of the actors she co-stared with: "Mark Ruffalo is warm, quick and easy to connect with. He's an emotional guy. It's all right there in front of you. I love that about him. Colin Firth is 'like diving into a pool of words and fun."


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