Friday, February 11, 2011

"We're gonna party like it's your birthday"

It actually was. And I can tell you that it was a lovely day, both inside and out. Outside the weather was kind of perfect (notice what I did there? :P), considering the standards of this season: not too gloomy, not too sunny ( I like sunny, but not TOO sunny...yeah I know, I'm weird, but I really want a dimmer switch for the sun so I can adjust it whenever I please), not too hot, not unbearably cold. No rain, no snow, none of that yuckiness that makes me think I'd rather eat paper than go outside. Don't get me wrong, I do like snow. One night a year only: Christmas night. Other than that, I like snow in pictures, not outside my window. So thank you weather.

Inside it was warm and nice, with familiar faces, smiles, glasses filled with Martini, good food, chocolate, phone calls, texts and lovely posts from both my real life and my online friends. All of this wrapped in a delicately fragrant trail of the Tom Ford perfume I was wearing. (Laugh all you want, but it's my thing: I always wear a Tom Ford perfume on my birthday and on New Year's night.) At the end of the day, my new age is not that bad. No, the first digit hasn't changed :P I'm still in the same decade, but this new number felt different...somehow. No worries, if it starts to play tricks on me, I can always ignore it, put on some music, turn it up, dance it off. Thank you all for being my friends! You are loved.

It's the crack of dawn as I am writing this. Bed and sweet dreams are awaiting. Hangover, be gentle.

Photos from flickr.

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