Friday, November 26, 2010

Pink - "Greatest Hits...So Far!!!" Brief Album Review

I love Pink. She is an amazingly talented singer-songwriter who speaks her mind and stands for what she believes in. She's funny, witty, true to herself and a rocker at heart. Pretty good combination, if you ask me.

"Greatest Hits... So Far!!!" is her first compilation album and it has been released in 3 editions : US, UK and International. The track listings are slightly different for both the CD and the accompanying DVD, but whatever version you choose to buy, it's worth it.

Here is the track listing for the International edition CD: 

1. Get The Party Started
2. There You Go
3. Don't Let Me Get Me
4. Just Like A Pill
5. Family Portrait
6. Trouble
7. Stupid Girls
8. Who Knew
9. U + Ur Hand
10. Dear Mr. President
11. Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
12. So What
13. Sober
14. Please Don't Leave Me
15. Bad Influence
16. Funhouse
17. I Don't Believe You
18. Whataya Want From Me
19. Raise Your Glass
20. F**kin' Perfect
21. Heartbreak Down

As you can see, you get 17 of Pink's biggest hits plus 4 new tracks, including the newly released single, "Raise Your Glass". What makes me happy about this edition is Pink's version of "Whataya Want from Me". Fact: this song was actually co-written and originally recorded by Pink for her "Funhouse" album. It eventually didn't make the cut and it was later offered to Adam Lambert.

There is also a Deluxe edition of the album, which, in addition to the CD, includes a DVD of Pink's most popular videos. Below you have the DVD track listing for the International Deluxe Edition:

1. There You Go
2. Most Girls
3. You Make Me Sick
4. Get The Party Started
5. Don't Let Me Get Me
6. Just Like A Pill
7. Family Portrait
8. Trouble
9. God Is A DJ
10. Last To Know 
11. Stupid Girls
12. Who Knew
13. U + Ur Hand 
14. Nobody Knows
15. Dear Mr. President - Live From Wembley Arena London, UK
16. So What
17. Please Don't Leave Me 
18. Sober
19. Funhouse
20. I Don't Believe You
21. Bad Influence
22. Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) - The Funhouse Freak Show Edition
23. Please Don't Leave Me - The Funhouse Freak Show Edition
24. Funhouse - The Funhouse Freak Show Edition
25. Behind The Scenes Of The Funhouse Video
26. Behind The Scenes Of The Greatest Hits...So Far!!! Photoshoot

(The CD and the DVD have also been released separately if you wanted to purchase just one of them).

If you're a Pink fan, this collection is a must-have. Her 10-year career is well covered by this material and if this is what Pink had to offer in the last decade, then I'm really excited for the next 10 years, since she's only been getting better. If you've never seen her in concert, you're missing out on a lot, because, like all great artists, that's where she really shines: on stage. That's where you realize what a great singer she is. I've seen her sing Janis Joplin songs, Queen, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and she's probably one of the VERY few artists today who can pull those songs off admirably. Until you get to see her on stage in real life, you can watch her shows on DVD: Pink Live from Wembley Arena and Funhouse Tour: Live in Australia., both highly recommended. You'll be impressed by the acrobatics too, but honestly, it doesn't take a lot for Pink to put on a great show. All she needs to do is open her mouth and sing. She's the real deal. There is nothing fake or fabricated about Pink. She is sheer talent and emotion. This woman can sing the phone book and she would still sound amazing.

"Greatest Hits...So Far!!!" is out now.

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