Monday, January 7, 2013

Heidi Klum for Ocean Drive Magazine 20th Anniversary Issue

Photographed by Rankin 

On being on the cover of Ocean Drive 6 times: [The very first time] I remember going to your first office on Ocean Drive itself. It was just two small little rooms with magazines all over the hallway. It’s obviously come so far now after 20 years, but I was really proud to do an Ocean Drive cover. That was the magazine to be in."

On working with fashion photographer Rankin so many times: "What I’ve always loved about him is that he makes everything fun. He’d always push me to do crazier, weirder shoots, or to do nudes because he’d love the lighting with my body. I trusted him, and that made me pose better."

On posing nude: “When you have a good body, photographers will often be like, ‘Yeah, let’s take this off, and why don’t we lose this too,’ and you can quickly end up not wearing much clothing. You have to be careful and strong at saying no, especially when you’re younger and on your own. Not everyone is cool and has your best interest [at heart]. But Rankin has always made sure, when some of my shoots would be more on the naked side, that they wouldn’t look raunchy. They were sexy, yes, but very classy.”

On the most memorable moments of her career: "Definitely my work with Victoria’s Secret and being a VS Angel for 13 years—that was huge for me, especially in America. Also, my cover of Sports Illustrated. I mean, 59 million readers! And my cover of French Vogue, which is one of the hardest covers to get. I was lucky to have been able to mix high (sometimes risqué) fashion with more mainstream clients."

On what her career taught her: “How to get along with so many different characters, for sure. I’ve learned to not be scared. When you’re young and pretty, you can’t be vulnerable. Not that I’d hurt anyone to get to the top, but you have to bring your hustle and watch your back. But it’s also important to find time for your personal life—you can’t lose sight of that.”

Courtesy of Ocean Drive

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